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Fotografas Jeffrey Martin paskelbė savo kelių mėnesių darbo rezultatą – super didelės raiškos panoraminę Tokijo nuotrauką, sulipdytą iš 8000 įprastinių 18 megapikselių nuotraukų. Fotografuota iš Tokijo bokšto apžvalgos aikštelės. Ją pamatyti galite 360gigapixels.com puslapyje (pasidarykite, kad rodytų per visą ekraną – bus smagiau žvalgytis).


Techninę viso to pusę autorius nupasakoja taip:

I use a Canon SLR (in this case, a 7D) and a 400mm lens (in this case a canon L f/5.6 lens) mounted on a Clauss Rodeo on gigapixel robot which is controlled by a tethered laptop to move the camera and fire the shutter while the camera is moving. This requires setting a very fast shutter speed obviously, and tuning everything so that the image is shot correctly without any motion blur and a minimal amount of noise. The image is 600,000 pixels wide. The maximum size of an image in photoshop is 300,000 pixels in any dimension. This means that to create a single seamless image, it was a big challenge. The image never has actually existed as a single file. However, the two files do fit together seamlessly, so it can definitely be considered a single image.

Also, disk space. Various iterations of the image in progress were tens of gigabytes each. The final versions of the image are 100GB each. I had to convert that into cube faces, each of those are 80GB each. This adds up – people say that disk space is cheap – well, it’s not!

I also needed more than 1.5 terabytes of free disk space to use as the “scratch disk” while doing the final assembly and retouching of the image.

The computer I was using had 192GB of RAM, and still lots of stuff was fairly unresponsive.

Paveiksliukas paimtas iš ir apie visa tai sužinota dėka Odly_Even blogo – oddly-even.com/2013/07/31/the-largest-photo-ever-taken-of-tokyo-is-zoomable-and-it-is-glorious/

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